A photo of Beth, Tom, Florence and lots of boxes of food

Songworks Deliveroo springs into action

In April, Songworks was delighted to welcome a new arrival into the world. Choir member Beth and her partner Tom had a gorgeous little girl, Florence, and everyone was thrilled to meet her on Zoom.

Becoming first-time parents is a roller-coaster ride at the best of times, let alone during a pandemic lockdown, and the Songworks community was keen to offer whatever support it could. So choir leader Denise and organiser extraordinaire Linnette hatched a plan. They put out a call for home-cooked lunches and dinners for delivery to Beth and Tom, to make things a bit easier during their first few weeks of parenthood. Songworks Deliveroo was born!

The choir rose to the occasion, providing a smorgasbord of nourishing and delicious dishes. As well as contributing lots of meals, Linnette took on the role of delivery driver, dropping the meals round to Beth and Tom every few days (though in a Mini rather than on a scooter!).

There was even the chance to have a socially distanced doorstep sing when Denise and choir member Chrystalla dropped off a beautifully decorated cake (made by Chrystalla) celebrating Florence’s arrival.

Tom, Beth and Florence and the celebration cake

For Beth and Tom, Songworks’ support made a massive difference during their first weeks with little Florence. Beth says:

A photo of Florence holding a 'thank you' sign

“We were completely blown away by Songworks’ generosity, kindness, love, efforts, thoughtfulness and downright amazing cooking skills! I don’t think we can ever really find the words to say just how much we appreciated it during those first weeks as new parents, especially during this pandemic which has meant we have been so isolated from the support of our family and friends. Songworks has been a huge silver lining amid the Covid cloud!”

Beths’ parents Sue and Steve, who sadly were unable to be with their new family because of the pandemic, were also hugely appreciative:

“We both wanted to say a HUGE THANKYOU to Denise and others in the choir for being such a massive support for Beth, Tom and little Florence. Words can’t really express how wonderful it was for us to know that they were being so incredibly well looked after, especially as we feel so far away. The love and generosity was so warming and meant so much to them.”

A photo of Tom, Beth, Florence and Beth's parents

Happily, Sue and Steve (also known as Babi and Bibi) were eventually able to meet granddaughter Florence during the summer.

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